Covid 19


I've been reflecting on the impact that COVID-19 has been having on us. I believe we experience it in a similar way to the stages of grief:

Shock and denial

Pain and guilt


Depression, reflection and loneliness

The upward turn

Reconstruction and working through.....

Acceptance and hope

(stages taken from

If you have lost a loved one during this pandemic then these stages will have an even more profound impact on your wellbeing, especially if you have been unable to say goodbye. I've worked with the trauma of bereavement and grief for over 10 years and I hope I can support you with the transition from lockdown. I'm happy to discuss fees as I feel that no-one should be without support for financial reasons.

Think about making a memory box. Some people like to put photos, letters and memories in an album or book. It may be too painful to do this at first but accumulating memories or obituaries in a safe place for later may be helpful.

I continue to offer therapy by phone and video if you feel uneasy or unable to see me face to face.